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Layflat Tubing (LFT)

Layflat tubing (sometimes spelt Layflat-Tubing or LFT for short) is a continuous tube of polyethylene on a roll. Layflat tubing is ideal for packaging long 'difficult to wrap' items. Insert the item to be packaged into the plastic tubing and cut it to the required length then heat seal, tie, staple or tape shut both ends to create good protective made-to-measure bags.

How Layflat Tubing (LFT) is made

The layflat tubing or poly tubing is made using the blown film process.

The blown film process is the method by which the vast majority of all polythene products are manufactured.

Polythene granules are fed into an extruder. As the granules are transported down the extruder screw, they are continuously heated and eventually become molten.

The melt passes through a narrow slit forming a tube which is extruded vertically until it can be clamped at the top nip rollers, which continuously pull the tube from the die.

Once clamped the tube is inflated to create the desired width, the speed of the nip rolls determines the film thickness. The film is air cooled to set the film dimensions.

The tube is then collapsed prior to the nips to form a layflat tube to a set width and thickness. The flat film is passed through path rollers to a floor mounted winder.


Lay Flat Tubing (LFT) is the most basic blown film product - formed by collapsing and flattening the bubble / tube. All other blown film products are derived from the layflat.

Gusseted layflat tubing (GLFT) is formed by using a pair of wooden (or metal triangles) to alter the shape of the bubble as it passes through the collapsing frame.

Advantages of Layflat(Poly) tubing:

  1. No need for a large inventory of different-size poly bags
  2. Great for packaging products that have odd shapes and different sizes
  3. Come in a variety of thicknesses (120, 200, 300, 400 & 500 Gauge)
  4. Meet FDA(US) and EFSA(European) specifications for food contact

Poly(Lay flat)Tubing Product Selection Guide

  • 120 Gauge: Economical, light to medium-weight protection for temporary storage and displaying products
  • 200 Gauge: Most commonly used thickness for protection when storing or shipping all types of items
  • 300 Gauge: Heavy-weight protection when shipping or storing bulky items that may be abrasive and have rough edges
  • 400 Gauge: Extra heavy-weight protection when storing or shipping heavy items that may have protruding edges
  • 500 Gauge: Super heavy-weight protection that will eliminate punctures and tears from items with sharp and protruding edges or corners

Types of Layflat Tubing

Low Density Polythene Tubing

This film is made from 100% virgin Low density polyethylene. Because it's from virgin polyethylene it can be used for food packaging and service. Tubing can be heat sealed, stapled or taped at either one or both ends. Supplied on 12" diameter rolls (3" core).

Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing:

Economical way to package or enclose objects of same width but various lengths. Can be heat sealed or taped at either one or both ends. Surface resistivity of 1012ohms/sq.in. Amine-free, Pink anti-static tubing is an excellent choice for protecting sensitive components from static discharge. Pink Antistatic tubing (PAS) is ideal for packing circuit boards, resistors and other electrical components. Supplied on 12" diameter rolls (3" core)

Clean Room Tubing

Clean Room Tubing usually manufactured in a certified class 100 clean room. This stock clean polyethylene tubing is produced from barefoot resin that meets FDA & EFSA standards, wound on plastic cores and double bagged for added protection.

Black Poly Tubing

Produce polythene bags to suit specific product requirements, and keep your products concealed and confidential. Easy to create your own bags simply insert your product into the tubing, cut to required length and heat seal one or both ends.

Autoclavable Layflat Polypropylene Tubing

Heat-resistant material emits less odor when autoclaving. High gloss, transparent tubing is ideal for medical, dental, lab, or food service implements. Meets FDA and European specifications for food contact.

Polythene Shrink Film Tubing

Inexpensive tubing fits any shape! Simply insert item into tubing, heat seal ends, and shrink with a heat gun. Protects from moisture, dirt, and tampering.

Black Conductive Tubing

Blow extrusion, black volume conductive tube material is produced in 150m. rolls in production is 400 Gauge thick but 300 Gauge and 600 Gauge are available on special orders. Ideal for light sensitive products and explosvies. Made using black carbon impregnated into film to create an extra strong static barrier. Meets Faraday Cage protection for electronic applications.

UVI Layflat Tubing

Ultra Violet Inhibitor added into the low density polythene to extends life of the product in sunlight conditions.

EVA Layflat Tubing

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Tubing in which EVA Additive is added to strengthen and improves sealability. Appropriate for use in cold-temperature applications.

Industries Served by Layflat Tubing

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Foam
  • Food & Meat Packaging
  • Furniture & Mattress
  • Linen & Textile
  • Lumber
  • Manufacturers
  • Medical
  • Metal Manufacturers
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic Moulders
  • Printing & Publishing

Top Layflat Tubing Suppliers

  • Layflat Tubing - Polythene Tubing - Polytubing - Polybags Limited, U.K
    Buy Online. FREE delivery for UK. Polybags stock Layflat tubing, lay flat tubing, polytubing, polythene tubing and sheeting, polythene bags and many more - all sizes & styles of packaging. Clear, coloured, printed and made to order all available.
  • Layflat Tubing
    Website providing you with the best suppliers of discount layflat tubing, polythene sheet and plaastic film. Contains information on where to source alternative packaging products such as environmentally-friendly.
  • Elldex Packaging - Manufacturing Purpose
    Plastics bags by Elldex. We produce polyethylene plastic bags, checkout bags and foil carrier systems in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Excellent Poly Bags Corporation
    Excellent Poly Bags is a manufacturer of printed plastic bags and nonprinted poly bags. Our products include: Wicketed bags, Mailer bags, tape closure bags and Promotional bags. We are the place to call. We offer quick service, great pricing, unbeatable quality and now we offer Ten color process print.
  • Pack 2
    Pack2 supplies polyethylene bags, tubing, refuse sacks, shrink wrapping, tape and much more. Buy Online & Get It Fast.
  • Damax Plastics & Packaging and Khan & Khan Plastics
    Our packaging products include buff and clear tape, polyethylene foam, bubble wrap, shredded paper, sealable and clear bags, corrugated board and boxes, both single and double walled, cap paper, plastic lay-flat tubing, strapping buckles and seals, stretch wrap and shrink wrap.
  • Liberty Industries Inc.
    Lay-flat tubing, bags and centerfold sheeting in a variety of standard sizes. Available in lay-flat tubing, sheet rolls and bags in a variety of ...

Polythene Layflat - Layflat Tubing - Poly Tubing Buying Guide

Looking on the internet and finding the right supplier of layflat tubing can be daunting. What we can't help is to provide you with bags but we can list a points you should consider buying a quality layflat tubing at cheap prices:

Cometitive Prices

Compare prices in the industry & Save. For an example Polybags Limited, UK offers the lowest price on custom printed bags. They're committed to offering you low prices, so they'd love to know if you found a better price for any bags at another retailer.

No quibbles Gaurantee

Again consider buying from a supplier who offers 100% no quibbles guarantee such as Polybags Limited, UK.

Made to your Specifications

Not any supplier would have any size you need in stock so choose a supplier who can make the bags as per your need...

No Minimum Order

Choose a supplier who can offer you a low quantity purchase.

Fastest Turnaround Time

If you looking for a custom bags and quick turnaround choose a manufacturer not merchants.

Free Sample

If you unsure request a Free sample of your product before you buy. Polybags Limited offers this service at no obligation.

Free & Fast Delivery

Calculate total cost of plastic bags including delivery coz some retailer may sell cheap bags but charge an extra on delivery.

Online Ordering

Look for a company which offers online ordering coz usually it is fast, secure and offers you extra discount when you buy online.

Enables you to make a bulk purchase enquiry from our industrial users area or purchase materials from our standard range in our home shoppers area.

Polybags Limited is UK's top supplier of layflat tubing and sheeting which offers most of above service.

Other Useful Information on Layflat (Poly) Tubing

An interesting & popular essay on 'poly-tubing & sheeting' kicks-off with introduction on polytubing & sheeting, how it is made, available options in polytubing / sheeting, standards to consider for using polytubing / sheeting in contact with food and medical applications. In addition essay lists common areas of applications, unique properties of Polytubing & Sheeting and advantages. And at last, it is packed fun and creative ideas using polythene layflat tubing.

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Lay flat tubing and bags with chemical, oil and gas barriers, withstand high temperatures

FREE SAMPLES Kenylon poly-amide film bags and lay flat tubing have chemical, oil and gas barrier properties and can withstand temperatures up to 350F, as reported by the manufacturer. They can be sealed using thermal impulse or hot knife sealing equipment. Kenylon lay flat tubing and bags are suggested for use with cooking foods, sterilizing medical instruments/devices and packaging aggressive solvents or chemicals.

Kennedy Nylon Films Corp. - (717) 386-3550

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